The Great American Eclipse of 2017

August 21, 2017 

Are you as big of an astronomy junkie as I am?  i mean, I am an astrologer at heart, but I think that having a healthy appreciation for the science of the heavens helps the practice.  It really is an almost once in a lifetime event to witness a solar eclipse without having to travel.  I saw an almost total solar eclipse when I was living in Flagstaff a few years ago.  Go ahead, look at it without the glasses!  I dare your!  Actually, forget that I mentioned that.  I don't want to be responsible of any blindness that occurs.

So why is this eclipse so important astrologically?  Well, to start out with, we should look at the path of the eclipse below:


Do you see how it is almost exactly bisecting the continental United States?  The shadow of an eclipse generally predicts the place where events will unfold for the next six month relative to the eclipse itself.  So, for instance, the epoch of the eclipse is going to be over southern Illinois.  This could indicate an earthquake centered around the New Madrid fault.  Earthquakes do not always happen with eclipses, but when Mars transits the point in the zodiac where the eclipse occurred, it tends to trigger a violent event. This eclipse will be taking place at 5 degrees of Leo in the Vedic Zodiac.

Why is this point so important?  It is because it contains the star Regulus.  This is one of the most powerful points in the sky and is analogous to the heart of the lion, in this case Leo.  Leo is a sign of pride, leadership, kings, politics and self assurance.  Regulus is one of the four royal stars of Persia, the other being Antares, Fomalhaut and Aldebaran.  Any point on the birth chart in conjunction or opposition of this start bestows great power.  Having an eclipse here is going to bring forth unexpected events related to the areas of life this star represents.

Guess who has this fixed star prominent in his chart?  President Donald Trump!  His ascendant and the planet Mars are very close to this sign.  


As far as his chart is concerned, this is a make or break month for the man and the United States as s whole.  Are there any truths that Donald is hiding, or are there secret factions of the government working against him in a peaceful coup attempt?  An eclipse is the type of event that would bring that energy out.

If you want to know if this even will impact your chart, feel free to book a consultation and we can look to see if you have any planets in that area of the sky.  The impact will be related to the planet and the angle to the eclipse.  Remember that this will also effect the opposite side of the zodiac, which will be around 5 degrees of Aquarius.  Remember that you want to use a tight orb with eclipses and fixed starts, I would not give it more than three degrees, that that might be too much.