Using Astrology and Yoga to Silence Your Inner Bull

Hello, my name is Kevin Keegan and I have been a professional astrologer and Kriya Yoga Guru for over 10 years.  The aim of my practice is the take the mystery and complication out of Astrology and Yoga.  When you book a consultation with me, I want you to know that you will be getting more than just a list of planets, aspects and houses.  You will also get all the insight that I have gained by doing the practice of Kriya Yoga with years of daily meditation.  What I do is take the make the complicate simple, the hidden revealed and the unobtainable reachable.  There are no big secrets here, only answers.

We all have our inner bull.  That voice that keeps nagging us inside, urging us to do something with ourselves.  When we silence that bull and learn to pay attention to our deep subconscious, what was hidden suddenly becomes visible, and we can take action in our lives to make the best of what we have.

At their heart, the practices of Vedic Astrology and Yoga are deeply intertwined.   Astrology is a look into the the Karma that you bring into this particular lifetime, and Yoga is the tool that you use to overcome it through awareness and continual effort.  When I look at a natal chart, what I am seeing is a windows into your subconscious proclivities.   In Yoga, this proclivities are called Samaksaras.  When you build awareness, you can overcome the the natal chart.  I act as a navigator to point you in the right direction.