Using Astrology and Yoga to help solve life's difficulties

Hello, My name is Kevin Keegan and I have been a professional astrologer and Kriya Yoga for over 10 years.  The aim of my practice is the take the mystery and complication out of Astrology and Yoga.  When you book a consultation with me, I want you to know that you will be getting more than just a list of planets, aspects and houses.  You will also get all the insight that I have gained by doing the Practice of Kriya Yoga and years of daily meditation.

I look at Astrology and Yoga as practices that are intertwined.   Astrology is a look into the the Karma that you bring into this particular lifetime, and Yoga is the tool that you use to overcome that Karma.  When I look at a natal chart, what I am seeing is a windows into your subconscious proclivities.   In Yoga, this proclivities are called Samaksaras.  When you build awareness, you can overcome the the natal chart.  I act as a navagator to point you in the right direction.