Basic Natal Chart Reading

This is the place to begin with any astrology reading.  A natal chart reading is an hour long and covers the basic chart placements.  First I will begin by taking a look at the the planets, signs, houses and aspects and what they mean in your life.  Every person's chart is different, so when I review a chart, I like to start at the very beginning, the ascendant sign and work around through all the placements.  After that we will go through the Vimshatorri Dasha system and transits for the future to see where your life is going.  

Compatibility and Relationship Reading

Have you ever wondered if you are compatible with a person?  How will your marriage go?  Relationship dynamics are a very complicated thing and navigating them can be difficult.  Thankfully, I can help you sort through these things.  This hour long consultation will focus you and your partner's karmic dynamics and how you can navigate conflict. 

Money and Career

You purpose in life is heavily intertwined with what you choose as a career.  In Vedic Astrology, we call this Dharma.  When we follow dharma, we put ourselves in harmony with the laws of the universe, and when this happens, money will naturally follow.  This hour long consultation will focus on where your talents and passions lie and how you can leverage timing to make the best financial decisions.  

General Question and Followup

Sometimes we have a specific question we need to answers to.  Do you want to know the timing of children? Are you having some legal difficulties and want to know timing?  Starting a new business?  This half hour long consultation is meant to address this or any other questions you may have about your chart.  

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