The Month of August 2017

By any standard, August is going to be a very active month astrologically.  First, we have what is being called "The Great American Eclipse"  This event is so rare and prolific, that I am going to cover it in another post.  Saturn is going to be stationing at 27.4 degrees Scorpio and going direct after being in Scorpio for a couple of months.  The Lunar Nodes Rahu and Ketu will be changing signs and moving into Cancer and Capricorn.  Uranus will be going stationery retrograde at 4 degrees Aries.  The full moon will be occurring at 21.20 degress capricorn in the Nakshatra of Shravana.

Uranus goes Stationary Retrograde on 8/2

Uranian energy is unpredictable and difficult to control.  I do not place to much emphasis on a retrograde Uranus in a persons birth chart because the it is retrograde at least half of the year.  When this planet is stationary, however, it is a different story.  A stationary Uranus in a natal chart tends to show a person who is intelligent, fiercely individualistic and an out of the box thinker.  If this planet is making a conjunction with any natal planets around four degrees of Aries, you can bet that there will be some unexpected events related to the planet involved.  If you have your moon here, this is going to be one of the most emotionally erratic times of your life.  Mars can indicate action, accidents and changes. Venus can show some upheaval in the love love and so on.

The outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are used to predict changes in society.  In 2012, Uranus began to square Pluto.  We can see this in the current upheaval the world is experiencing.  The world order created in the early 1960's during the last Uranian/Pluto conjunction is dissolving into an new era of innovation in individuality.  

Mercury Retrograde on 8/12

Ah, the dreaded Mercury retrograde.  Probably one of the most over-rated events in Astrology.  Mercury retrograde tends to mess with the things that Mercury represents like technology, communication and travel.  In western society we rely on technology for almost everything, so any disruption is going to have a huge impact.  If you have Mercury retrograde in your natal chart, however, this is the time when you are going to be the most productive and have some of your best ideas.  Mercury retrograde effects those with planets in the signs of Gemini and Virgo the most because of sign ruler-ship.  If you have any placements around 17 degrees of Leo, then you will feel the effects in the corresponding house.  If Leo rules your fifth house, then this will effect communication with children.

Saturn Stationary Direct on 8/25


When I do my Astrology Periscopes, one of the things I stress is the importance of planetary stations. Other than planets changing signs, it is the most important factor in making predictions based on their position. When a planet stations, it concentrates the energy of that planet on that particular part of the sky.  Planets that are in conjunction or opposition of the station will feel the effects the most.  Saturn is limiting and focusing by nature.  I have noticed a pattern.  People that have had planets placed from 25 Scorpio to 3 Sagittarius have had the most difficulty this Summer.  Any planet in this range are going to transited by Saturn at least three times, so naturally the effects will be intense.  How does this work?  The original transit will trigger an event in life that will force the effects of Saturn, such as limitation, karma, or the end of a relationship.  The retrograde transit point us toward looking inward an making adjustments.  When the planet goes direct, the time for introspection is over and the time for readjustment is at hand.  

The Nodes of the Moon Change Signs on 8/17

About every year and a half, the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu change signs.  These two points in the sky represent a karmic axis.  The north node of the moon represents intense desire, lust and obsession. The south node of the moon represents detachment, obscurity and void.  The nodes are always moving in retrograde motion and in Yoga, they represent that unwrapping of the Kundalini energy.  This is why they are directly linked with Karma.  Rahu (the north node) in you chart represents that direction you are going in this incarnation, while Ketu (the south node) represents where you have been in past incarnations.  The nodes are always 180 degrees from each other, so I like to think of it as a compass needle, with the north node showing where you should be focusing your attention.  I will be covering this event in a separate article.

The Great American Eclipse 8/21


On August 21, the fist total solar eclipse will since 1918 will be visible from the continental United States. Astrologically speaking, this is a big one.  The path of the solar eclipse will start in Oregon and work it's way through the center of the country, exiting through Georgia.  I'm going to cover this one in another article because I think it's the most significant astrological event of the year.  Part of this is because of the eclipse will be conjunct the star Regulus, the star of kings and leadership, which is at approximately 5 to 6 degrees of Leo.  If you have any planets here or in opposition, get ready for upheaval and supreises.