So You Think You're Special?

After being an astrologer for over a decade and doing thousands of charts, there is a definite pattern we all have in common.  Those who begin to practice astrology want to know more about themselves.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this because it is the first step we take in being a student in the astrological sciences.  I absolutely believe that any astrologer needs to know themselves in order to understand others.  When you begin to study your own birth chart, patterns seen in it will reveal themselves in other’s charts and will ultimately develop that natural bond between client and consultant.

I remember when I started my path in astrology, I spent many hours scouring the internet and books, trying to understand every microscopic detail of my chart.  "What do I have that makes me special?" is a question that drove me to learn more.  Many students will then stop at this point before they decide to go on with professional consultations.  There is a confidence hurdle that needs to be overcome when reading someone else's chart.  Once that confidence is obtained, the student becomes the practitioner.

                                         Nikola Tesla

                                        Nikola Tesla


So, when I look at charts of famous people, I ask what sets them apart from others.  I have seen so many wonderful charts in my life of people who you think would be famous.   The answer to this question is simple: No matter what is seen in someone’s natal chart, they still have free will to use or misuse their talents.  Some of the greatest people may have the most difficult charts.  Also, keep in mind,  fame is in the eye of the beholder.  One example I like to use is Nikola Tesla.  He is now famous for many of his innovations, almost to the point of scientific cult hero; however, this did not happen until many years after his death.  His personal life was very troubled and he was an extreme introvert.  These qualities did not make for a famous person during the time when he was alive.  Now he holds a high place in scientific society.

Astrology, to me, is driven by context. I can look at any particular individual’s chart, but until I know the context of that chart, I will never know what qualities may be underutilized.  When looking at your own birth chart, take a closer look at your frame of mind and pay attention to what you are focusing on.  Are you paying too much attention to difficulty and not looking for hidden talents?  You are and will always be the totality of your chart, not just one or two major aspects.