September Sky Watch

The month of September comes in with a bang after the Great American Eclipse in August.  September 4th and 5th are going to be days we should keep our eyes on.  If you have recently caught my broadcast on "Ask An Astrologer", you can see the concern that I had for both of these dates, which involves the planet Mars and it's transit to the eclipse point at five degrees of Leo.


9/4 Mercury Comes Out of Retrograde at Eclipse Point

Whenever there is an eclipse, the point in the chart where the eclipse occurs creates a "tripwire" in the sky that become sensitive to the transits of other planets. . In this case, the trip wire will be triggered by the planet Mercury.  Instead of tripping, however, the planet will be standing on the trip wire.  This is because Mercury will be coming out of retrograde on the 4th at the point of the eclipse.  Next to transits, the stationary points of the retrograde pattern tend to be the biggest predictors of events.  You can expect a lot of poor communication related to the government, TV, media and travel.  If you were personally effected by the eclipse, avoid travel on this day.

9/5 Mars Transits Eclipse Point

This is the transit that we want to keep a close eye on this month.  Mars is a violent planet and often acts as a trigger because it is also the planet of action.  9/11 happened when Mars transited the  eclipses point of 2001.  What should be of particular concern is that this trigger will be happening the day after Mercury coming out of retrograde at the same point, forming a conjunction.  Violent event could be triggered by poor communication around the government, or the government's response to this event will severely tested.  In many ways, this will be test for Donald Trump because his natal Mars is located at four degrees of Leo.  What transpires could make or break his presidency.

9/12 Jupiter enters Libra

Jupiter takes about a year to transit a sign.  It's transit is generally a good one, which can brings luck, expansion and fortune to the house it occupies.  Last year, Jupiter was in an enemy sign, meaning that it does not do as well in the sign of Virgo as it would in a home sign like Sagittarius.  If you are currently in your Jupiter Maha or Antar Dasha, this is the planet you need to follow.  A good example of the power of transit combined with the Dasha system was the election of Donald Trump.  I swear, I will be using this dude's chart for years to come.  During the election and Donald was going though a Sade Sati, or the transit of Saturn over his natal moon.  Most people have their lives turned around for the worse during this time, but Donald was able to win the Presidency.  Jupiter was conjunct his natal Jupiter in the month of November, just as his switch into his Jupiter Dasha cycle.  Now, Jupiter will generally do better in the sign of Libra, as it works to seek balance and law takes center stage.

9/18 Moon, Mars and Mercury Conjunct Leo Opposite Neptune in Aquarius

As if we did not have enough going on this month, here comes a major conjunction of three planets in the already overworked sign of Leo.  Making sense of conjunctions and oppositions takes some work because in many cases, we have more than one planet or one kind of aspect contributing to the formation.  In this case, we look at what the meaning of three planets together, opposed Neptune is.  When the Moon, Mars and Mercury are conjunct, it can show some issues with aggressive communication and feeling of change in the house that Leo is associated with.  While opposed Neptune, it generally involves a secret being reveled, especially if this is on the 12/6 house axis.  From a mundane perspective, we are looking at Leo vs Aquarius, which shows the relationship between rulers and the people.  I would not be surprised if we saw some huge government secrets come out around this day, especially related to hacking or cyber warfare.

9/20 Jupiter Opposed Uranus

The Jupiter Uranian oppositions has been one of the key features throughout 2017, going mostly unnoticed as people keep an eye on politics.  There have been so many advances this year in the field of medicine, like the first administered gene therapy treatment for cancer and the talk of genetically manipulated babies becoming a reality.  This is going to be the final opposition for the year as Jupiter makes it's way into the sign of Libra.  Pay attention to any news related to science and technology.  Apple is holding an release party this month to debut new features on the I-phone 8, which will include the first mass production of facial recognition technology.  If you are currently running in a Jupiter Dasha, then this opposition will lead to some of your best and innovative ideas in the houses involved.

9/28 Stationary Pluto

Pluto changes direction every year and is retrograde about half the time.  Since it is such a slow moving planet, I only give it consideration when it changes signs or aspects another planet.  Pluto stationing near a full or new Moon will can bring up issues related to the subconscious.  Pluto represents out link the the underworld, or the vast well of experience that lie outside of our regular perception.  That is why this is a hard planet to understand.  It also represents complete upheaval, so if there is a Plutonian transit going on in the chart of a country, expect that matters related to this planet will be turned upside down.  A good example that needs more study is that Pluto return, which happens every 256 years.  It is said that the average lifetime of an empire is about 250 years, so keep an eye on the United States, which is about to go through it's first Plutonian return.  Of course, many empires have lasted over 250 years, so Pluto's return could signal a major change in government.