Sutra 2.6 - PC Load Letter

2.6 Egoism is the identification of the power that knows with the instruments of knowing.

Umm...  Say what?  Yeah, more Yoga double speak.  Don't worry, Office Space to the rescue!

This cult classic basically got popular over time, to the point it was quoted ad nauseum.  I was cool before it was cool because I saw it in the theater!  I walked out of there kinda meh, because it was just as I got out of college and before I entered the work force.  Five years later, while working at a realtors office, the people became a self parody by making stupid computer jokes based on the movie.  If you have not seen it, do it.

So Peter does his whole hypnosis thing and wakes up and his I-don't-give-a-fuckery ensues.  Day after day he has being going to the same job as a coder, working on the formerly apocalyptic Y2K bug fix.  His ego, or sense of who he think he should be based on his experiences, gets fundamentally altered to what he wants to be.  So the ego is a construct of the memories and experiences it identifies with.  In Peter's case, that's working a job he thinks he needs to survive, but never really wants.  After his hypnosis, his ego identifies with his true desires to do nothing.

The power that knows is the bridge between the instruments of knowing, which are the five senses.  Yoga differentiates between the senses and the mind.  The senses operate on a subconscious level, and as we meditate, we bring those operations into our awareness.  This gives us more control over how we react to situations, or, make us stop leading a double life. 

I give you full permission to destroy the printer in your office.  If it's like the one in Office Space, it probably should be replaced.