A proposition for mental health care reform.

Our mental health care system is a mess here in the United States.  First we have the shame of having to deal with mental illness in an unforgiving society and secondly, access to mental health care has become unreachable.  Most psychiatrists have become glorified pill pushers, more then eager to put a label on patients.  If you are lucky, you may find a drug that will help you with your depression, bipolar or anxiety, only to have it not work.  Time to move on to the next drug and ride the shitty-go-round of detox.

I think it is time for us in the spiritual community, especially us in the meditative and holistic areas, to give back.  The problem is that our practices tend to fall into the fuzziness of mysticism and spirituality and are dismissed a new age hoopajoo by the established psychiatric community.

Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of therapists out there that do a great job of teaching cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, but access to these people are limited to those who can afford them or those who happen to find them.

I have developed a program to deal with PTSD.  Like I have said in many of my posts, it is possible to induce a delta brain wave state of consciousness, then use various techniques to remove subconscious blockages.  This in turn rewires our neurobiology.  Over time, we can teach people to use different techniques, internalize them, and eventually cure their condition.  Yes, I said cure. 

I am going to volunteer at a local veterans center to try this program on some of our returning veterans.  If you have noticed the sorry state of the VA, you will see what a giant clusterfuck the whole thing is.  Hopefully, overtime, the Yoga community can come off it's spiritual high horse and do some good.