Sutra 1.23: What Surrender To God Means.

1.23. Or by surrender to God.

Part of me thinks I should have grouped this in with the last set of Sutras because it talks about walking the path, but it is a segue into the next line set of sutras which gets heavy into the whole meaning of God in the Yogic text.

Surrender to God in the Yoga Sutras can have many meanings.  Some take this to mean the literal surrender to a higher being of power.  I take it to mean having the willingness to adhere to what you believe is true, and having the willingness to change when you know you are wrong.  Don't deliberately lie to yourself.

Yoga works to release us or our Karma, but that is not always a fun process.  Like I have said in earlier posts, when we take a look inside ourselves, there may be things that we do not like.  While you are digging in your backyard to plant a tree, you may run into a power line or a sewage pipe. Digging through our inner psyche can be shocking or just down right shitty.  The typical response is to not even bother digging in the first place.  Why would you try to dig a hole again when you get covered in poo or shocked by the cord?  You should have called the digger's hotline of Yoga.

As you go along in this process, you will see many correlations to modern psychology and Yoga. The important message of this Sutra is to adhere to truth as best you can of what you know at any particular time, knowing that it will change.