1.24 - The Ladder.

1.24. God is a particular yet universal indweller, untouched by afflictions, actions, impressions and their results.

The next few Sutras go into the nature of God according to Yoga.  In Vedic tradition God is typically referred to as the Unknown, Truth, Unmanifested Absolute, Eternal Bliss and so on.  Yoga, instead of giving an actual definition of God, like a dude with a white beard in the sky, gives us the tools to know God as we are able to intuit.  To give you some more background, let me show you the four levels of existence spoken about in the Yogic tradition.

Unmanifested Absolute:

I like this term in particular for the what is considered God in Yoga.  Whatever does not exist in our physical conciseness, exists itself, as pure conciseness.  Pure awareness of all that


.  The trouble with trying to explain what this level is with actual words is that as soon as you put it into words it looses it's meaning all together.  So we go to our Yoga practice to reach this state in an intuitive manner, so that it can be understood for what it is, not what others say we think it should be.  

Realm of Thoughts:

In this state of awareness, everything exists as an idea.  There is nothing attached to this idea in the form of Samskaras.  For instance, let's take the idea of a table.  When a carpenter has an idea of how he wants to make a table, it starts at this level and works it's way down through creation into existence.  So the carpenter gets the inkling to make the table.  This is also why this is called the causal realm.  

Realm of Symbolism

In the this state of consciousness, ideas have symbolism attached to the idea brought forth.  Going back to the example of the table, the carpenter thinks what kind of table he will make.  What kind of wood is going to be used to make the table?  If the carpenter decides to use some sort or embroidering or wood work on the table, what kind of design should be used and what kind of emotion will the provoke to onlookers.  

Material Realm

This is self explanatory.  Where we live and what we see now. The Sutra talks about the indweller, which is untouched by any actions or impression.  Every speck of creation on the material realm has as it's source, part of the Unmanifested Absolute.  What started as nothing, made it's way down through the levels of conciseness to become the idea of what it ought to be, given it's attachments and what symbolism we give it.  

So, Yoga seeks to reverse the process.  We start at the bottom and work our way up to the top.