What Does a Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Look Like?

I am posting this to give you an idea of what a Vedic Astrologer looks at when trying to determine your Karma.  Since this system was never suppressed in India like it was in the west, an advanced system of mathematical calculations evolved and continues to evolve to this day.  The best astrologers are about 80 percent accurate.

These are called the Varga charts.  Not only is their a main birth chart, but a chart for other aspects of life such as marriage, children, luck and career.

The next area shows the strength of each planet, transit and house on many levels.

Next we have the positions of the planets in the zodiac.  This was taken today at about 12:15 Arizona time.

Finally, this is called the Dasa system, or the planetary clock that can be used to predict events to a specified time period.