Sutra 1.4: Beginning to scratch the surface

1.4. Otherwise he is of the same form as the thought-streams.

This is the starting point for us in one form or another.  I do not mean that we all start out at the same level of conciseness, to the contrary, some of us are born with the natural ability to restrain though. The people that are able to fall asleep at the drop of a hat or at their own will amaze me.  Somehow, they are able to turn off or tune out the rush on mind noise and move into a different state on conciseness.  

This is a stage of meditation.  It is only natural to fall asleep when the mind is clear.  For some, like me, who have had trouble falling asleep, this is a great blessing.  Some of us have very active minds, we swim in the thought streams as we let our imagination run it's course.  These are the creative people and are also expressing a state of meditation, but on the opposite spectrum.  

So what is the goal and how do I get there?  Be prepared to be overloaded with more information about the mind then you have seen before.  Right after this sutra is where Patanjali gets into the surface mind and how it works. From there, he works into the various sub-strata, their functioning and how they interrelate with matter.  While you are doing the "Sit 'n Chill" exercise, you will learn how to observe senses, thoughts, impressions and how they interrelate in later Sutras.  Like I said before, the Sutras do not have any specific practices on how to accomplish this, but I will add them as I go along.  I also have been hesitant to us any Sanskrit terminology up until this point, but English does not always provide a good description and much gets lost in translation.  I will provide the best meaning and translations as I continue.