Book 3 Sutra 11 - Navigating the Mindfield

"The contemplative transformation of this is equalmindedness, witnessing the rise and destruction of distraction as well as one-pointedness itself."

The Yogic path unfolds in unique, subjective ways.  In my experience doing Yoga, it is a non-linear path that has many twists and turns.  The Yoga Sutras mentions various stages of consciousness and in this Sutra, we are talking about the transition from Samyama to Samadhi.  Remember that Samyama is the balancing of meditation and concentration.  That odd contradiction of combining letting things go while focusing on them at the same time.  "That's Impossible!" you might think, but no it's not.  It's the inevitable result of practice.  Every state of consciousness obtained eventually becomes habit and looses it's meaning.  Samadhi is the permanent state of effortless Samyama.

Any state of realization reached in Yoga needs effort to maintain, and even then, it may not be in the practitioners best interest to stay there.  Really it depends on our Karma and what we have left to accomplish on our particular paths.  At some point in any incarnation cycle during the process of enlightenment, it's normal for a person who has reached a state of Samadhi to desire seclusion from the world.  You can see this in Vedic Astrology as well when you analyze the twelfth house.  For instance, a person who has the South Node of the Moon in the twelfth house has probably lead a life of seclusion in the past and now has to work in this life to finish past Karmas.    

I myself reached a point where I wanted to be secluded, locking myself away for hours at a time for meditative practice.  After obtaining a state of Samadhi, I had to engage re-engage with the world.  The need for self introspection must  be balanced with action.  Is it possible to take action in the world without accruing any Karma?  I would say no, that is just the nature of reality.  You can, however, take action in the world from a balanced state of being, acting with detachment from results.  Intuition eventual becomes the guiding force of action, and when that intuition is in sync with universal consciousness, everything will naturally work out.