Book 3 Sutra 9 - Sponge Bob Brain Pants

"The significant aspect is the union of the mind with the moment of absorption, when the outgoing thought disappears and the absorptive experience appears."

I'm a person who gets distracted easily.  While I was growing up, you would be hard pressed to get me to sit in one place for more than a few minutes before my mind would begin to wander.  The way that my mind processes information is called "divergent thinking", or I tend to process things from a larger, abstract concept, then fill in the pieces later.  The traditional education system was more of a detriment to my development than helpful in any way I can remember.  Honestly, I spent most of High School skipping class because I did not see the value in the information presented to me.  Looking back all those years, I can say that I was right. 

I think that is why I took to Yoga and Vedic Astrology so well.  There is so much information in Astrology to process, that I will never get through it all.  I find something new to discover every year.  Studying the Yoga Sutras allowed me to delve into the abstract in ways I could never imagine possible.  It absorbed me, which is the subject of this sutra.

Have you ever gotten so absorbed in an activity or experience that you lose all track of time and space?  People who have studied this state of mind have called it being in flow or having a "Zen" moment.  If you are one of the lucky ones that can have this feeling while earning a living simultaneously, then consider yourself lucky! 

I call this state of mind "Sponge Bob Brain Pants".  When you get so absorbed in what you are meditating on, you lose all track of the outside world.  This is what a Yogi can truly define as meditation.  The senses no longer disturbing the mind with sensory input.  Does this mean that you actively go deaf or bling?  No, not at all. Think of the senses as just being in active, like when you are eating an apple, you are not paying attention to how your socks are fitting.  Your brain is a sponge, absorbed in a state of timeless being, but still not asleep.  Now is the time that we start repairing active samskaras and move on toward moksha!