Sutras 2.41 and 2.42 - Contentment

2.41 As a result of contentment there is purity of mind, one-pointedness, control of the senses, and fitness for the vision of the self.

2.42 Supreme happiness is gained via contentment.

Goswami Kriyananda said that Contentment and Non-violence where the most important traits we can develop as Yogis.  Discontentment leads us to do things that we would not normally do, but keep in mind that discontentment is not always a bad trait.  If we were never discontent, we would not bother to do Yoga in the first place.  Discontentment drives us our of complacency in actions that better ourselves.

One thing in life that we all must acknowledge, however, is that discontentment on the whole can never be fully satisfied.  Consumerism is dependent on our discontentment of our looks, possessions and place in life to sell us a basket of good we don't even need.  Since I work in the IT industry, I see this facet all the time.  Companies will release newer versions of software that are larger and add more features, but most of the features are not even needed.  Oh, we have a larger software package, guess what?  you are going to need faster hardware to run it!  Thus we have another shiny object dangled in front of our face for us to chase after.

I also used to like video games a lot more than I do now.  Perhaps I'm drifting into grumpy old man territory here, but the quality of video game concepts has not changed that much.  Sure, the make them prettier, but the core creativity of them has not changed.  I still run around, shoot and blow stuff up.

We here the phrase, "Attitude of Gratitude".  Gratitude is the first step toward contentment.  At least it begins to put life into a positive focus so we can focus on the things we really need to change instead of feeling like we need to change it all at ounce.  Like I said in earlier posts, you will know what you need to change when you begin the process of Yoga, but you have to accept where you are now, at this point in time.  Wear you gratitude like a light jacket:  Put in on when you need a mild warm up, but if you feel the heat too much, take it off and get to work.