Sutra 2.45 - One Pointed Focus

2.45 Realization is experienced by making the Lord the motive of all actions.

Bhatki Yoga is the yoga of devotion.  Have you heard of the Hari Krishna movement?  They are formally know is the ISKCON movement, or the International Society for Krishna Conciseness.  Being from the Kriya Yoga tradition, I am not that big of a fan Bhatki Yoga, but none the less, it is still a path to realization.

If you are Christian, you know the path of Bhatki Yoga well.  Complete faith in Christ and surrender to God as the sole source of creation works practitioners toward the same one pointed ideal.  Yogis will chant mantras, while Christians will sing hymns and pray to God.  When you dig deep into it, both Christianity and Yoga are very similar in their practices.

OK, getting to the point.  The universe is full of infinite objects with infinite diversity.  Our awareness, the one constant we can interact with, is entangled in the myriad of existence.  From moment to moment, our awareness it pulled in whatever direction changes in our environment drag us at that time.  In fall, you can rake  leaves into a pile, but a gust of wind can blow that pile back on to the lawn.  The pattern of the leaves will never fall on the lawn the same way.  Single pointed consciousness removes us from the frustration of raking.  We will do our chore, getting the lawn clean, knowing that it will never be fully clean.  With one pointed focus on awareness, our awareness is steady.  It's like what I did: Move to the desert so you never have to rake leaves again.