Sutras 2.23 - 2.26 - Department of Redundancy Department

2.23 The association of the seer with Creation is for the distinct recognition of the objective world, as well as for the recognition of the distinct nature of the seer.

2.24 The cause of the association is ignorance.

2.25 Liberation of the seer is the result of the dissassociation of the seer and the seen, with the disappearance of ignorance.

2.26 The continuous practice of discrimination is the means of attaining liberation.

I'm lumping these sutras together because they cover  topics I already spoke about.  If you read my article

Map of the Yogic Mind

, you will see that the mind has four functions and how it relates to the outside world.  These four sutras sum up the basic point that discrimination frees the mind of attachment to objects.  The Sutras can get redundant sometimes, but that is because repetition is used to hammer home a point.