Gospel of Thomas: Saying Ten - Fire!

10. Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon the world, and look, I'm guarding it until it blazes."

This saying may seem like one of those apocalyptic messages we here from a corner preacher trying to get our attention.  Before you get out your sandwich board and start walking the streets with "The End Is Nigh" written on it, let me tell you about the spiritual meaning of fire.

Have your read the story of Pentecost?  See this passage from Acts: “All of a sudden, a sound came from heaven, like a strong wind, filling the house where the people had gathered. Something like tongues of fire rested on their heads. “And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages as the Spirit gave them the ability to speak” Notice the reference to fire.  This was the day that Jesus's apostles became enlightened in the spiritual sense.  The fire from heaven was cast down upon the world, and came to rest on their foreheads.  The forehead, in Yoga, is the location of the "Third Eye", or ajna chakra. 

I think Jesus is telling us that the fire will always be available.  The spiritual kindling is inside waiting for us to let down our guard so the fire of the Holy Spirit is ignited.  Jesus cast the fire of his spiritual teachings upon the world 2000 years ago and he waits for us to start our internal pilot lights.  A world full of the spiritual firelight would burn brighter than the sun.  Anybody have a lighter?