Sutra 2.9 - Desire

2.9 Flowing by its own energy, established even in the wise and in the foolish, is the unending desire for life.

Desire is the driver of Karma.  By it's motivations, we carry out the actions that effect our lives, both present and future.  Sutra 2.9 states that desire is a self perpetuating trap, set out by us, with no one immune to it's effects.  The cycle of desire works by fooling us into thinking it can be fulfilled by external materiality.  In truth it traps in the cycles of Karma.

Karma is a misunderstood concept.  Most think that it's something as simple as cause and effect.  Karma, in relation to the Vedas, is the complete construct of our existence.  It plays out in the form of our subconscious motivation's effects on the world.  Think of karma as the framework in which our lives unfold.  For instance, a tunnel is one path through the mountain, but it can take many possible directions.  Give your willpower a pickax, and start digging through the mountain of possibilities of life.  You do not know what kind of rock you will run into as you dig.  You may run into a diamond, or your tunnel will collapse in on you.  Your desire takes in certain directions, but no matter what direction you do in, there will always be more dirt, more rock, or a gaggle or Morlocks. 

Over time, you arms will tire from all that digging.  When we remove desire from the equations, we realize that all we ever needed was at the top of the mountain.  Through the process of Yoga, we can work to mitigate our desires and climb to the top of the mountain and enjoy the view.

On a practical level, the process of Yoga turns our attention inward instead of outward.   To understand the root cause of desire, we must examine ourselves through meditation.  Once we know what desires cause us pain, we work to detach ourselves from them.  When we know what desires give us fulfillment, we work toward them.  Santosha, or contentment, is a quality yogis try to cultivate, and is one of the virtues discussed later in book two.  When we get to that point, I will show you how to put down your pick ax and fasten you climbing shoes.