Sutras 1.47 to 1.49 - If I Tell You What It Is, It's Not What It Is

1.47. On attaining the purity of the ultra-meditative state there is the pure flow of spiritual consciousness.

1.48. Therein is the faculty of supreme wisdom. 1.49. The wisdom obtained in the higher states of consciousness is different from that obtained by inference and testimony as it refers to particulars.

So we have reached the supreme state of Samadhi, a state of pure spiritual consciousness.  The Yogi that can hold on to this state effortlessly has almost reached the goal of final liberation.  Everything is running on pure intuition at this point, since the mind has been wiped clean of any obstacles.

So what is the supreme wisdom spoken about in Sutra 1.48?  Again, we are in no man's territory because the very next Sutra 1.49 basically means anything I would tell you about it is not actually like what it is, but I will try anyway.  Pure wisdom is the ability to act on any particular situation in life without any hesitation due to Samskaras that were previously lodged in the brain.  So, why would you not instinctively throw your TV out the windows while watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"?  I mean, that show does suck, right?  So throwing the T.V. out the windows only seems wise. 

When one is tapped in to the pure flow of spiritual energy, or pure consciousness, the feeling of oneness with everything leads toward a natural compassion.  The feeling of hatred toward the Kardashians has subsided, so you may not even own a T.V., or perhaps it's just sitting there collecting dust.  Even the state of Samadhi will change our view of our "Gut Instinct".  What you thought your felt was right will change.