Sutras 1.42 and 1.43 - Perception is Nothing Percent of Reality.

1.42. The argumentative condition is the confused mixing of the word, its right meaning, and knowledge.

1.43. When the memory is purified and the mind shines forth as the object alone, it is called non-argumentative.

It's all about communication, or the Benjamins, if you think money talks.  Sutra 1.42 is a reference to what causes disagreement on fact in the mind when we are speaking through our own limited perception.  I don't think we all can ever really agree on everything, except the fact that the Brewers suck so far this year. 

In Yoga, there are different ways of obtaining knowledge.  The first way is through word of mouth, or someone relating their perception of an experience though another medium.  We obtain most of our knowledge this way.  When knowledge is conveyed through someone else's perspective, however, it brings all the fundamental inaccuracies of their perception along with for the ride.  That is why the scientific method has control groups built into the process.  Good scientist will also put their work up for pier review and try to have other's replicate their findings. 

The second method of obtaining knowledge is through direct experience.  Going through the process of meditation, while digging through our own mind, this is the only compass we have.  You will find many books on meditation, but not many about the results of meditation.  My personal opinion is that the results are so personal and individual, that it's hard for anyone one person to understand them unless they go through their own process.  At best, even the Yoga Sutras are a guidebook.  Goswami Kriyananda said that if you try something related to Yoga three times and it does not work out for you, give up and do something else. 

So, Sutra 1.43 points out that if our mind has be purified of the obstacles listed in my "What Is Thought" post, the meditator sees all things as the same, and therefore there is no need to have arguments about the nature of any given part of that sameness.  This is why many will seek out enlightened Gurus to ask them questions.  In Hindu and Yogic traditions, one who's mind is pure cannot speak an untruth.  It's also a good way to pull a scam and make some money, so beware.