Sutra 1.40 - Particle Constituency, Boooiiyyyeee!

1.40. The mastery of one in Union extends from the finest atomic particle to the greatest infinity.

Thousands of years ago, the Vedic culture had a word for the smallest constituent particle in the universe.  It was called Anu.  People falsely translate this to atom, thinking that the ancients had some sort of knowledge of the atom itself as a fundamental building block to matter.  One of the eight schools of Hinduism is devoted to the study of the invisible that makes up the universe.  See here:

So, this Sutra is directly related to the results of actions taken in Sutra 1.37.  To meditate on the nature of Flava Flav is the know the nature of the larger whole Public Enemy.  If you know Public Enemy, you know the nature of Chuck D, Hip-Hop and so on.  By slowing ripping away the emotional and psychological associations we have with matter, we intuitively understand it's nature. 

I know that I have mentioned this in other posts and it seems redundant, but the sutras do this purposefully to hammer home the importance of fundamental points.  Part of this also has to do with the nature of the Sanskrit language.  There are no punctuation marks like an explanation point, so the writers had to resort to redundancy and hyperbole to convey important ideas.  Case in point: you hear YEAAHH  BOOOOIIIIIYYYY!! enough, it gets really irritating.