Sutra 1.38 - Mr Sandman.

1.38. Or depending on the knowledge of dreams and sleep.

Do you like to keep track of your dreams?  I have tried to find meaning in my dreams.  In Yoga, the wake and sleep cycle has just as much meaning as the cycle of reincarnation.  Like in Sutra 1.34, we work out our spiritual evolution through cycles of experience in order to evolve our consciousness.  In one part of the Sutras it states that sleep is one of the forms of delusion our consciousness must endure when entangled with matter.  So how does this play out in dreams?

In the practice of Kriya Yoga, a person tries to gain mastery over the wake in dream cycle through the use of symbolism and lucid dreaming.  What happens during dreams is a symbolic representation of the subconscious mind that works it's way into material existence.  Esoterically speaking, symbolism in dreams can be found in the material world, if we pay attention.

Do you remember your dreams?  I am sure you have heard of keeping a dream journal.  Keep one if you can and write down any dreams you have had.  According to Yogic timing, it takes three days for what is called the tanas, or feel of the dream, to manifest.   Was it scary?  Was it pleasurable?  Take note and see.

If you have the abililty to lucid dream, good for you.  You have a way to work through the symbolistic karma during the sleep cycle.  For instance, lets say I'm being chased by a giant red snake.  Perhaps in three day time, some circumstances may arise when I have some fearful experience associated with the color red.  "Oh that could be anything" or "Oh that's so vague it could mean anything".  Well shut-up.