Sutra 1.35 - This Sutra Does Not Make Sense.

1.35. Or activity of the higher senses causes mental steadiness.

When I read this sutra I find it odd.  It seems out of place given the tone of the rest of book one, but I am going to try my best given that contradiction.  Nothing is perfect, not even a text that I would consider perfect myself.  Better to admit that then to force something into some perceived mold.

In Yoga, our senses have two faculties: the actual senses organs and the perception of the sensation of those organs.  Personally, I have found this a hard concept to grasp (no pun intended) because we have the brain and how it interoperates these signals into our consciousness.

Another contradiction with this sutra is that, in Yoga, any sense input can be considered a distraction from the stillness of the mind.

Well, sorry for the crappy blog post.  Feel free to weigh in on it with your own impressions.