Yoga and the Nature of Evil: What Would Mumm-Ra Say?

So what is Evil.  Another big question that is hard to answer unless you are a computer.  Binary thinking is something that something that should probably be left for computers and not for people.  In yoga, were have a few guides to help us delve into what is considered evil and what is not.  Basically these are the Yamas and Niyamas, a list of do's and don't for aspiring Yogis.  In Yoga, there is no definition of evil, just levels of ignorance.

When I talk about ignorance, it's basically the refusal to listen to your own internal truth.  If you want to look at this from a Judeo-Christian point of view, Satan is the embodiment of desire, and takes one away from the realization of God.  I take this as metaphor, symbolizing the souls entanglement in materiality and the Yogi's battle to untangle the mind. 

Thundercats was an awesomely cheesy kids show from the 80's.  I loved this cartoon, but never got any of the toys.  The transformers always won out in the end.  So Mumm-Ra is the big baddie in this series, but is he really?  In one of his trials to become the Lord of the Thundercats, Lion-o must defeat the evil Mumm-Ra. 

Totes chuckin' your Tempursophigus into your nasty Koi Pond

Now, lets look at this from Mumm-Ra's perspective.  Here he has been living on Third Earth for all these millennia, and here comes the Thundercats, who happen to crash land on his planet.  Now they go about busting up his hood to make it into what they perceive as "good"

Male lions, in nature, are know to eat the litters of other female lions in order to get them to reproduce with them.  I don't know how know this bodes for WilyKit and WilyCat.  I mean, in real life they should have been McNuggets by now.

Each individual has their own issues to deal with.  In my opinion, the less open to acknowledging your inner truth, the more you get trapped in your own material bubble.  Adhering strictly to one idealism at all costs has lead to so much suffering in the world today.  Let's face it, if the case of Good vs. Evil were that simple, it would have been solved already