Sutras 1.29 and 1.30

1.29. From that is gained introspection and also the disappearance of obstacles.

1.30. Disease, inertia, doubt, lack of enthusiasm, laziness, sensuality, mind-wandering, missing the point, instability- these distractions of the mind are the obstacles.

So have you been meditating?  At all?  I hope you have, because if that is the case, I hope you have learned something about yourself.  If at all, at least you should have gotten some piece of mind.  Honestly, though, this is not the case much of the time.  We will naturally run into obstacles along the way. 

Sutra 1.29 tells us to expect this obstacles.  We need to know them like a the back bumper of a Wisconsin driver in the left lane.  You try to get around it, but all you see is the bumper of the thing that is frustrating you the most.  At some point you hope the driver will be curious and move into the right lane so you can get on with it. 

Sutra 1.30 is straight forward about these obstacles.  Take them for what they are at face value now, but know that not all of them appear in all of us at the same time and with the same intensity.

Disease -  The could mean diseases of the body or diseases of the mind.  This is why yoga spends a lot of time focusing on diet and right living.  Unfortunately, this has become the main focus of what many people think of as Yoga.  Sorry, just because you are a Vegan or a Vegetarian does not mean you will reach enlightenment.  It sure makes Whole Foods a lot of money.

Inertia - This is the lack of willingness to change when we KNOW we need to change.  Meditation should help you untangle that ball of sting I have been talking about.  This is about overcoming denial and the mechanism that keeps it in place, rationalization.  It takes time to sort some of this stuff out, but as you do, you life will become easier as confidence builds

Doubt - Well, at least justified doubt.  It is ok to be a critical thinker, but deliberately being a contrarian for arguments sake veils the truth.

Lack of Enthusiasm - If you don't like doing Yoga at all, it's not the path for you.  Enthusiasm is the gas the drives the engine of our practice.  Generally, the better the results the more enthusiastic you will become.

Laziness - Get off your ass and practice already, or if you sit on your ass, at least meditate

Sensuality - Sex is a deep topic in Yoga and is integrated with the study.  When we speak of doing Kundalini Yoga, it is meant to drive the sexuality of the lower chakras up through the spine into the brain via the central nervous system.  Sex is not bad and should be enjoyed.  We are looking for balance though.  In later sutras, the sexual drive is mentioned as one of the four primal fountains, something that, at best, can be redirected.

Mind Wandering - Part of meditation is letting go at the same time as focusing.  Some will tell you that getting lost in daydreaming is meditation, it is not. 

Missing the Point - I have to go back and look at other translations, since I do not think this is the best one. 

Instability - Our outer lives are a direct reflection of our inner lives and vice versa.  When we clearly see that something on the outside is effecting us in a negative way on the inside, we must address that issue.  If our outer lives are in order, it naturally leads to inner peace and makes meditation easier.