Sutra 1.32 - There's "the truth" and there's The Truth

1.32. For the prevention of the obstacles, one truth should be practiced constantly.

Now that we are done with the list of all the bad stuff that can happen in the mind, lets move on to the solution.  I'm a big Simpsons fan.  I see qualities in the characters that somehow relate to Yoga.  The title of this article is a direct reference to Lionel Hutz, the shady attorney who only poor Homer can afford.  In the episode "Realty Bites" Marge become a realtor.  While trying to sell properties, Lionel tells her that there are two versions of The Truth.  Do you know what I am talking about?  Well, go watch the episode.  It's funny.

In order to get to the one truth, we have to get to our own truth.  They are one in the same.  Often we mistake someone elses truth for our own.  Through the practice of Kriya Yoga, Meditation and other awareness practices, we arrive at our truth.  So what if my truth is not your truth.  As soon as I begin to make my truth into other's truth, it looses it's meaning.  When you get to the point of know what your truth is, wear it like an old pear of jeans that you cannot get rid of. 

Yoga gives us the gift and curse of awareness of ourselves.  The one truth in Yoga is called Bindu, or one pointedness.  It is a baseline that we establish that all other experiences are measured against.  That baseline changes over time as we come to understand more about the nature of reality. 

Going on about ten years of meditating for an hour twice daily, my version of the truth has changed dramatically.  First I became aware of things in my personality that I did not like about myself.  The next step was to try to eliminate those as much as possible.  Realizing that this was a futile attempt, I began to embrace them.  Just being aware of them gave me a choice of how I can react to certain situations.  Modern psychology calls this Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and has found it more effective then medications when dealing with anxiety.  When I moved passed all that crap, I became comfortable with my truth and it opened to gate to the Universal Truth.