Sutra 1.2: State of the Knower

1.2. Union is restraining the thought-streams natural to the mind.

I woke up a couple of days ago with the Ghostbusters theme song running through my head.  As I laid there in bead and tried to fall asleep, the song got louder and louder.  After about an hour of this "who ya gonna call!"  my answer was a lobotomist.  This song was an example of a thought stream.  It does not have to be a song however, it can just be a line of thinking set off by some sort of random stimulus.  Have you ever driven by a restaurant you liked, then though, boy I really want to stop there?  Then you thought about the last time you stopped there, the good or bad time you had, how dirty the bathrooms were.  Now you remember that you need to clean your bathroom.  Oh crap, I need to stop by the store to get some more cleaner!

Those are both examples of thought streams and they are natural to the mind.  One clear distinction that needs explaining here is that Patanjali refers to it as "The Mind" not "Your Mind".  Many think that thier identity is in the thoughts put together in their mind.  In Yoga, your mind is not you.  You are the consciousness behind the mind and all it's functions.  This includes anything you identify yourself with, all your memories, hopes, dreams, fears and awesome movie sound tracks.  The mind in it's natural state is nothing more than a lens in which we perceive thoughts.

To go into further explanation, the tradition of Sankya Yoga, in which Kriya Yoga is a part of, states that the world is a very real place and as entities of consciousness, we identify ourselves with this materiality, thinking that this is us.  Matter is therefore consists of anything that is not awareness which includes thoughts and the mind.  Thoughts are nothing more than objects that mind naturally attaches itself to during it's entanglement in matter.  The Atman itself is free from entanglements.  It's ultimately the goal of Yoga to free our-self from these entanglements, uniting with the true self.

I will get into the restraining process as we go along.  Restraining is not the best word to describe the process.  It's more of a detaching process.  The process is long and can take many years to master.  It also unfolds in different ways depending on the individual, since we all have our entanglements are different as well.

The natural progression of things in the universe it to ultimately untangle consciousness from matter. This is where the law of Karma comes into effect.  Yoga is just the shortcut.