Introducing Navagraha Yoga

What you you think of when you hear the word Yoga?  In my experience, most think of  stretches and poses.  This is understandable because this is what modern Yoga has become in America.  In reality, Yoga consists of not just poses, but a complete integrated system that includes astrology, self introspection, cognitive behavioral therapy and physical fitness.

First I start with reading your Vedic Astrology birth chart.  Next, based on the results, I work with you as you begin the path of healing using a combination of Yoga and meditative techniques.  I am also versed a wide variety of spiritual and psychological counseling methods.  Sometimes, people just need a little guidance in life, and that can be done with astrology.

Why Begin with Astrology?

What do you think of when you hear the work Karma? Vedic Astrology is the process of of using your birth time to map out your life as it transforms through the karmic process. The birth chart shows us where imbalances lie in the chakras. With this information, we can begin to use the Navagraha Yoga Program to start the balancing process.  

Combining Vedic Astrology and Yoga Poses

Were you aware the Vedic Astrology plays itself out in the body through a direct link to the Chakras?  It's true.  The Mechanism that drives us forward is directly linked with the biological process in the body.  When I look at the birth chart, I can tell which planetary forces are manifested in your body and at what times they will be triggered.  A program of tailored yoga poses, preformed on the proper day and at the proper time can help alleviate this Karma.

Timing is something that we do not often pay attention to, but it's very important.    The cycles of life are playing out around us.  We see them in the change of seasons, the revolution of the earth and also the orbit of the starts. Nature obeys these cycles, so why shouldn't we?  My program provides the missing link between astrology and hatha yoga.  With target methodology, you can take you practice to a whole new level.